about the project
The Brief
  • Re define the space
  • Engage guests on all levels
  • Provide post event marketing engagement
The concept was to create a space and experience for guests that kept challenging them and their concept of what an event is and could be.

To do this Eventify moved them from area to area within the venue and at each step, the experience was an unexpected change.
Evenitfy chose a White Russian theme.

On arrival guests were shown into a very austere room. Here they had their "visa" stamped whilst listening to official USSR propaganda and military music.
They were them escorted into the scanning area for a full body scan.
Moving from there, guests entered a dark and snowing pine forest (created indoors) and then finally they were moved into the event space proper
The space was an opulent, over the top white Russian theme.
Iconic Russian imagery, semi naked performers, vodka shots and incredible canapes.
This space was definitely NOT what guests were expecting!

As usual, Eventify created and enhanced the guests story using entertainment.
Both interactive and shows.
Each piece of entertainment was designed to accomplish something and was used for a specific reason, from the surreal opera singer, to the semi naked muscle boy. From the stilt walkers, to all the hosts dressed in Russian military uniforms.
This was a night that delivered on many levels and demonstrated just how much you can change a space when you let your imagination free.

«The event was faultless, fun and innovative. Stuart and his team executed it beautifully...
I can’t recommend Eventify highly enough – professional, experienced, imaginative with a can do attitude.
With Eventify – not only is anything possible but they deliver with integrity.

Doriette McIvor-Stone

Fremantle media